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Chapter 22 kind umbrella
Han Jue suddenly heightened his hands and mentioned, “Elder, I admit beat. In the past, in order to rapidly beat my opponent, I tired all of my spiritual vitality and still have yet to recuperate. Let the a couple of them battle it. I'm happy to be third.”
Two hours later on.
“Han Jue is way too formidable!”
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Our next two suits ended up intense. Products, wonder, mobility methods, and talismans. A lot of factors made an appearance. The 4 disciples have been all-circular and comparable to the other person. Irrespective of who has been one more victor, they still have on a fantastic beat.
“Han Jue in the Jade Serene Peak will certainly the top three immediately!”
Just after his decision, Han Jue walked towards Zhou Supporter.
However the instant he was. .h.i.t via the Three 100 % pure Shadow Sword Approach, he sensed upcoming death.
Han Jue couldn't assistance but look.
He was in a great frame of mind.
Zhou Enthusiast was surprised as he heard that.
Your next minute, he was over the base.
One time he wore the Golden Cicada's Mystic Divine Robe, he would be able to cultivate in calmness and wouldn't need to worry about sneak assaults.
[Zhou Fan's favorability in your direction has grown. Up-to-date favorability: 2 celebrities]
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They had all experienced Han Jue conquering Zhou Enthusiast in a flash. This fellow didn't use a lot of his nature electricity and was still on his optimum express.
1 minute, he was still filled with self-assurance.
On his way there flying on his sword, a brand made an appearance before Han Jue:
Ancient Immortal Dao Thunder came back to his feels and announced, “Jade Relaxing Peak's Han Jue victories!”
They had all seen Han Jue beating Zhou Supporter in a flash. This fellow didn't use a great deal of his heart vigor and was still in their top declare.
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Having said that, the Great Cicada's Mystic Divine Robe could only secure him. If he jogged in to a Nascent Heart and soul cultivator, they wouldn't be capable of wipe out him, and neither would he have the capacity to destroy them.
He hid amidst the competition and seen quietly.
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Everyone was private.
Zhou Fan was served away from the crowd by a team of Incredible Thunder Optimum disciples.
The Melody of Earth
Ancient Immortal Daoist Thunder stared at him then nodded. He transformed the guidelines, and Han Jue was graded third.
Zhou Fan swiftly switched and eventually left.
[Best wishes on receiving a seventh-level Numinous Treasure—Golden Cicada's Mystic Divine Robe]
Chang Yue'er disdainfully claimed, “He's no match up for Junior Han.”